Wylene & Michael


We are still so excited and happy.  You made the wedding so wonderful & special.  We went through the pictures yesterday evening again and just smiled & smiled.  Thank you so much!  Wylene said she checked out the weddings on the beach all week long and was not impressed with your competitors.  She was so happy that Ban Kasa produced a much nicer event.

Dinner was very interesting.  It took forever to drive all the way up there to Westpunt.  There was some grumbling and I took some good natured kidding, but not on the way back!  Everyone said it seemed we came back in half the time – everyone was so happy with the food (the best meal of the week by far!), the champagne, and the incredibly animated waiter!  What a hoot he was – no one wanted to leave the restaurant!  The trip to Klein Curacao was just as wonderful.  It was a bit rough going out, but what a glorious place that is!  Everyone was just stunned.  It put the exclamation mark on the trip and several couples said:  “let’s all come back next year!”  🙂

The hotel did us one better and your bag was waiting inside the room rather than just at the reception desk.  That was nice of them to bring it all the way down to us.  The photos are wonderful as well.  Please thank Sebastian for us.

We had such a wonderful time on Curacao.  We will never forget it, or you!

mike & wylene
April 11, 2014

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