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BanKasa allows you to fully enjoy the most beautiful day of your life without having to worry about things like transportation, welcoming your guests, seating arrangements, the band, and catering. We take care of all of these things. We can also advise you and offer an extensive range of service possibilities.
For instance, we can help you pick the perfect wedding location, get all the required documentation, and make all the arrangements with suppliers and the authorities. During your wedding we will also make sure that nothing goes wrong, both in the foreground and in the background, and that your wishes are fulfilled.
In short: with the BanKasa Dream team on your side, you are sure to have an unforgettable, carefree day.


Your wedding is only complete once it is fully decorated according to your taste. BanKasa has access to all the required creativity and knowledge to realise this. Moreover, we work together with suppliers that can guarantee quality and style within any budget. Tell us your wishes and we will work to realise them.

Wedding planner

The name speaks for itself, but our wedding planners do more than merely plan your dream wedding. They assist and advise you and offer a willing ear so that you are able to make the right choices and do not have to worry about taking care of documentation, decorations, and suppliers.
Moreover, the wedding planner ensures that the businesses arrive in time and directs them when the wedding is set up and during your day. The wedding planner also makes sure your budget is taken into account and points out any changes to the budget in time.

Method of working

The papers are in order, the party has been arranged, and the guests have been invited, the only things that remain are the small, but important, details. Consider the bride’s entrance. Will the father escort the bride or will the bride and groom enter together? The music and the handing over of the rings are also details that may seem self-explanatory, but have different meanings for everybody.
Because of these personal feelings, we would like to discuss these aspects with you in a personal conversation the day after your arrival on CuraƧao. We can advise you about everything because we are very experienced. After this conversation all your wishes will be processed and carried out.
And then the day has finally come: your wedding day, but you are not alone, the BanKasa team will be present in the background during the whole day to take care of the coordination.


Memories keep an experience alive. With beautiful photographs you will forever cherish the memory of your wedding day. BanKasa Dream Weddings works together with professional photographers. As an extra service we will upload the photographs of your ceremony to our website, so that family and friends abroad are able to get an idea of what your wedding was like a day after the ceremony took place.

– Ask our wedding planners about the possibilities –