Lisa & Vincent

Hi Ilse,

Electing BanKasa Dream Weddings was one of the best choices we made while planning our wedding. This was evident well before we even set foot on Curacao. During the planning process, both Will and Ilse were very patient with us and provided guidance on all decisions. They were responsive, having altered the quote one dozen times according to my wishes. They were always respectful, even when the uncertainty of a wedding in place I’ve never visited made me anxious and suspect. Ilse and Will never once reacted to my anxiety-ridden e-mail with hostility or treated me like a nuisance; rather, they responded with confidence in their abilities to meet my needs.

And, oh my, did they meet my needs! Come wedding day, BanKasa kept their word on every promise. My wedding FAR exceeded my expectations. The setting was beautiful, the evening was ordered, and everyone had a great time. The BanKasa team was courteous and present throughout the night. By managing all the details, the BanKasa team allowed us to enjoy our wedding.

We have been told by many guests that this was the best wedding they have ever attended–the credit is all due to the excellent planning and customer service skills of the Bankasa team. They really worked to make sure every detail was perfect and it was. We wish we could have our wedding all over again, and if we could, BanKasa would remain our choice for wedding planning services.

Lisa and Vincent
August 16, 2013

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