Wylene & Michael


We are still so excited and happy.  You made the wedding so wonderful & special.  We went through the pictures yesterday evening again and just smiled & smiled.  Thank you so much!  Wylene said she checked out the weddings on the beach all week long and was not impressed with your competitors.  She was so happy that Ban Kasa produced a much nicer event.

Dinner was very interesting.  It took forever to drive all the way up there to Westpunt.  There was some grumbling and I took some good natured kidding, but not on the way back!  Everyone said it seemed we came back in half the time – everyone was so happy with the food (the best meal of the week by far!), the champagne, and the incredibly animated waiter!  What a hoot he was – no one wanted to leave the restaurant!  The trip to Klein Curacao was just as wonderful.  It was a bit rough going out, but what a glorious place that is!  Everyone was just stunned.  It put the exclamation mark on the trip and several couples said:  “let’s all come back next year!”  🙂

The hotel did us one better and your bag was waiting inside the room rather than just at the reception desk.  That was nice of them to bring it all the way down to us.  The photos are wonderful as well.  Please thank Sebastian for us.

We had such a wonderful time on Curacao.  We will never forget it, or you!

mike & wylene
April 11, 2014

Mena & Bill

Dear Ilse

I am so thankful and blessed to have met you this past May and that you were our wedding planner.  You are wonderful and were always fast in returning my emails and with answering all my questions and concerns

Also I am very much looking forward to meet Will and thank her as well.  Ban Kasa is a great company to do business with and I will be sure to pass Ban Kasa along to anyone I know that wants to have a destination wedding in Curacao because you guys are the BEST……

All the best to you.

Best regards and many thanks

Mena & Bill
October 11, 2013

Lisa & Vincent

Hi Ilse,

Electing BanKasa Dream Weddings was one of the best choices we made while planning our wedding. This was evident well before we even set foot on Curacao. During the planning process, both Will and Ilse were very patient with us and provided guidance on all decisions. They were responsive, having altered the quote one dozen times according to my wishes. They were always respectful, even when the uncertainty of a wedding in place I’ve never visited made me anxious and suspect. Ilse and Will never once reacted to my anxiety-ridden e-mail with hostility or treated me like a nuisance; rather, they responded with confidence in their abilities to meet my needs.

And, oh my, did they meet my needs! Come wedding day, BanKasa kept their word on every promise. My wedding FAR exceeded my expectations. The setting was beautiful, the evening was ordered, and everyone had a great time. The BanKasa team was courteous and present throughout the night. By managing all the details, the BanKasa team allowed us to enjoy our wedding.

We have been told by many guests that this was the best wedding they have ever attended–the credit is all due to the excellent planning and customer service skills of the Bankasa team. They really worked to make sure every detail was perfect and it was. We wish we could have our wedding all over again, and if we could, BanKasa would remain our choice for wedding planning services.

Lisa and Vincent
August 16, 2013

Jackie & Sarah

Hi Ladies!!!!

Hands down, Ban Kasa has to be the best wedding planners on the Island of Curacao.  Out of 10 stars, we would rate them a 50!!!  Ban Kasa made our dreams come true, and far surpassed our expectations for our perfect fairytale wedding.

We came across Ban Kasa online from our google search, along with a number of other wedding planners on the Island.  Ban Kasa was the first to respond to our e-mail, and they treated us with respect even though we were not a “traditional” couple.  As a lesbian couple, we were afraid that our dream ceremony would not be possible on the island, however Ban Kasa went above and beyond to make sure that our special day was everything that we wanted it to be.  They even made up a marriage certificate to symbolize our commitment to each other, which was really special.

Ban Kasa remained efficient and professional and kept the element of excitement throughout our entire year and a half of planning.  I believe they gave us 17 different quotes because we kept changing our minds and we even added things up to our very last day.  They were able to accommodate every wish that we had.

All “business” aside, Ban Kasa treated us like we were family.  They added so many special effects and details to our day that we did not even ask for, just to make things look perfect.  Our guests have told us that our ceremony was the most magical and beautiful wedding they have even been to, including their own!  Our guests even gave Ban Kasa a round of applause as they were leaving our reception, and it was well deserved.

Everyone that we came in contact with from Ban Kasa was amazing.  Ilse was by our side the entire ceremony and reception to make sure that everything was perfect, she even stayed with us during our photo shoot to make sure the pictures were perfect as well.  We would like to give a special thank you to Ilse…she really went above and beyond…and her kindness was overwhelming.  Our ceremony speaker, Maria…was such a special touch to our day.  She said so many wonderful things about us, and added her own words and special thoughts as well.  She even played the harmonica at the very end of the ceremony, which was a very special and thoughtful touch.  Thank you Maria for being so full of life and passion.  Cornelius was our photographer….the pictures speak for themselves, they turned out amazing.  I would highly recommend him to anyone, as he was able to capture our entire ceremony and all the magic that unfolded.  John John was our stylist, he also was amazing, he went above and beyond as well to make sure we both looked incredible for our day.  He even used his creativity and decorated a flower to match exactly how we needed it to be.  That was really special.  And finally, Will, thank you so much for running such an amazing business.  You have made so many peoples dreams come true, you are a truly special person.  You and your team are incredible people as well as business professionals.

Words can not express how thankful we are that we chose Ban Kasa for our special day.  It truly was our magical fairy tale wedding, and Ban Kasa is the reason for that.

All our love,

Jackie and Sarah Perhay
March 14, 2013

Erin & Ben


Bon tarde!  I received our translated documents today.  Thank you so much.  Our wedding was everything that I wanted it to be!  You did such a wonderful job.  Thank you again.

Many thanks,
Erin and Ben
July 7, 2007

Kendra & Francis

Hello Lara!

It was so nice to finally meet you after months of emailing on the computer!  I want to say again that we loved our wedding and everything that you did for us.   We had such a wonderful time during Friday evening and the whole day Saturday. The only bad thing is it that it is now over!

Well, I am hoping I can refer you some business.  I came back to find out that my friend wants to get married on the beach!  So, I told her how wonderful you are and that she should get married in Curacao!  She has seen Paula’s pictures, I gave her some details in an email, and will follow up by showing her more pictures.  I do not know when they are planning on getting married, or what places they have in mind, but I am trying to convince her to choose Curacao.

I gave her your email, so I am hoping she will email you with questions.

All the best to you!


Kendra and Francis Larsen
Washington, DC
April 14, 2007

Jennifer & Jim


Attached you will find, what I think, is a great photo! You really took some great pictures with my camera. This one happens to be from one of the couples that was there. I wish I could do the day all over again!! It was such a great time, and it all went to fast. So many of our friends have said, if I knew you were going to get married, we would have gone! They are even more jealous when they see the pictures.

I have the two pieces of wod, w/ the date and our names, in our entry way to our home. Love them!!

Hope all is well with you….I’m sure you have been busy with lots of weddings.

I want to come back!!

Take care-

Jennifer Nelson Helms
February 22, 2007

Maria & Lars

We would like to thank all of you

once more for the most perfect day one could ever imagine! Could you also be kind enough to send Maria our love and thank her as well for writing down the Irish Blessing. I am still at work and read it through, bursted into tears… … I am soooooo sentimental! =o)

I hope you´ll have a great week, take care! (I have to admit – it´s been quite tough gettin´ back to work. Yesterday was pure torture! Today – not so bad anymore…)

With lots and lots of love,
Maria =o) (and Lars (mr. maria) of course)

Maria Eklund
January 31, 2007